-To you, in the navy blue sea-
I close my eyes to the fact that I’m alive.
Little by little exhaled life is cold
No one can come into my frozen heart

-I pray to you in the navy blue sea-
You are weak, but stay as you are
Can you hear? My weary voice cries out to you
Can’t put it into words, but I just want to feel you right now.

Tomorrow I will sleep deeper, deeper, deeper than the deepest sea,
until I can’t see anything anymore.

Deep blue
I can’t forget, because it is too painful
Deep blue
What voice, what words will you use to talk to me?

-In the navy blue sea, the tears mix in-
No one notices the reason for crying
So the life can’t be saved, but feel life 
Even just for this moment, please live

You sleep, deeper than the deepest sea, deeper, deeper where I can’t see anything.

Deep blue
At some point I am getting used to getting hurt
Deep blue
When the seasons come and winter sleeps,
I will come visit you with flowers

"tokyo ghoul" // black & white

(元記事: yominokuni (nippuraから))

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